goods hoists

Lifts that are Sturdy & reliable

The goods hoists we supply are designed and manufactured in accordance with South African National Standard 1545-5.

The goods hoists we install are sturdy and reliable, these allow the user to efficiently and conveniently move products, stock or other items from one level to the next. The goods hoists we install are well-manufactured and ensure safety and functional efficiency. These provide the ideal solution for moving goods in retail outlets, warehouses and other commercial enterprises.

There are currently many goods hoists in South Africa that do not comply with SANS 1545-5. All goods hoists that have been installed prior to the SANS 1545-5 standard being legislated, need to meet the minimum standard set out by the Department of labour that comes into effect in September 2020. Many business owners have already upgraded or replaced their goods hoists in preparation for the 2020 deadline.

Similarly, all new goods lifts that are installed must comply with SANS 1545-5.

Need to know more

Key Details

CAPACITY 1000kg – 3000kg (stronger units available if required)
SPEED 0.1m/s as standard, 0.2m/s if required
TRAVEL HEIGHT 1m – 12m (longer travels possible if required)
DOOR ORIENTATION Inline or opposite
CAR DOOR TYPES CAP gate, picket gate, eurofold
MACHINE LOCATION OPTIONS MRL (machine roomless), MRA (machine room above),
MCBA (machine cabinet below adjacent)
DRIVE TYPE Positive drum drive (traction drive available if required)
USE Moving of goods only
FINISH Galvanised mild steel, stainless steel grade 430 or 304

Optional Extras

Arrival bell on car
Alarm bell as a warning if the doors have been open for too long
Intercom between landings
Segmented display on landings
VVVF control
Bumper rails
Meat rail