Platform Lifts

Lifts that are reliable

The platform lifts we install are designed and manufactured in accordance with SANS 1545-4. These can be customized and are suitable for a variety of budgets, space requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

Platform lifts provide reliable vertical access to suit your accessibility needs. Platform lifts are ideal for both private and public buildings that require either basic wheelchair access or something with a little more elegance. They require less shaft space than a normal passenger lift, providing far more flexibility for your building layout.

Need to know more

Key Details

CAPACITY 250kg, 300kg, 325kg
SPEED 0.15m/s
DOOR ORIENTATION Inline or opposite
DOOR OPERATION Manual or automatic
CAR DOOR TYPES Light curtain, 2 panel side opening door
LANDING DOOR TYPES Swing door, 2 panel side opening door
MACHINE LOCATION OPTIONS MCBA (machine cabinet below adjacent)
DRIVE TYPE Hydraulic
USE Passenger and disabled access
FINISH Powder coated mild steel, stainless steel, glass or wood
NORMAL OPERATION Simplex control using constant pressure buttons, latching buttons available on application
EMERGENCY OPERATION Battery backup available as standard, allowing lift to be lowered to the terminal floor in the event of a power failure.

Optional Extras

Voice annunciator
Segmented display in car
Segmented display on landings showing active floor
GSM telephone within car
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