passenger elevators


Our passenger elevators are integrated with intelligent control systems that give you high performance with high efficiency.

The passenger elevators have a car displacement absolute control concept, to achieve a perfect match for digital drive and permanent magnet gearless technology, plus a distinctive car decoration program and human interface, the new design concept has interior and appearance luxury, an elegant, stylish and harmonious integration of different architectural styles, which make our elevators safer and more comfortable.


Need to know more

MRL (Motor Roomless)

MRL elevators have no machine room as the elevator motor is installed within the headroom of the shaft.


CAPACITY 450 kg – 2500kg
SPEED 0.5m/s – 2.5m/s

MRA (Motor Room Above)

MRA elevators have a dedicated machine room above the headroom of the shaft.


CAPACITY 450 kg – 5000kg
SPEED 0.5m/s – 7m/s
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