Hands on Lifts provides solutions for comfortable and safe transportation.

Passenger Lifts

Our standard passenger lifts can be delivered much sooner than equivalent imports. Communication is also streamlined and parts that are damaged during transport/installation are more easily replaced.

Goods Hoists

Safe, legally compliant, and robust. Our goods hoists carry loads between 500kg and 3000kg in our standard range, with much stronger units available when required. These lifts are for goods only.

Platform Lifts

Highly customisable and suitable for both public and private buildings requiring wheel chair access.

Wheel Chair Accessibility

Strong, sturdy and reliable when you need it most, our imported wheelchair accessibility products give greater mobility to the elderly or disabled in private or public buildings.


Neat, modern, and versatile. Our dumbwaiters carry loads between 100kg and 300kg in our standard range and up to 500kg if required. Internal car dimensions are limited to 1m wide x 1m deep x 1.2m high in South Africa.

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