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Lifts that are up lifting

We offer two distinct groupings of products – the vertical platform lift for small rises and wheelchair stairlifts to be utilised at home as well as a variety of other buildings.

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S11 Platform Lift

The S11 requires a minimal pit meaning that installation can be tailored to existing structures. This platform lift adapts perfectly to all your functional and aesthetic needs and can be utilised at banks, restaurants, shops, offices, schools and residential buildings.

Steppy Platform Lift

The Steppy vertical platform is extremely versatile and is available in 3 different versions, thereby meeting all customer requirements. This platform lift can be installed in pre-existing openings or in its own shaft and is also suitable for an outdoor installation as all its components are waterproof. The Steppy can be installed at banks, restaurants, shops, offices, schools and residential buildings


V64 Wheelchair Stairlift

The V64 wheelchair stairlift operates on a straight rail, making it ideal for one flight of stairs. Installation of this unit does not require any building work and it is available in a full range of platform sizes and rail support options.

V65 Wheelchair Stairlift

The V65 wheelchair stairlift is a curved, inclined platform stairlift. The unit can handle both constant or variable stair or slope gradients. Thanks to a combination of power supply and rechargeable battery technology, the V65 guarantees both smooth and quiet operation whilst minimising power usage.